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Before you Fly

Baggage Allowance:

Check with the airline you are traveling with on the stipulated baggage allowances. Ensure that your hand baggage allowance does not exceed the level enforced by the airline you are traveling with. This ensures unnecessary embarrassment at the check-in desk, having to move luggage from your hand baggage to your suitcase.

Diffrent airlines have diffrent meals as per their kinds of travelers , you may request meal as per your choice . Make sure you a apply for meal before the departure of your flight . For choosing meal as per your desire you need to contact with relivent airline.

This is your responsibility to check all the flight details carefully before going to airport , you have to check the flight status with your travel agent or relivent airlines help desk!.

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London To Lagos
London To Accra
London To Harare
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London To Entebbe

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